• Coding

    Web Development and Web Design Company

    We craft beautiful, engaging websites, web applications, mobile apps for IT companies, Business firms, Hospitals, Doctors, Individuals and Service centers. Located in KANNUR

  • Designing

    UI/UX Designing (Front End & Back End)

    Whether designing for interfaces or experiences, we should take care to keep our users at the heart of our design process.

  • Training

    Programming Training at JPCL

    In our training, We teach methodologies that are relevant today for a professional career in the field, and also the tools used by some of the biggest companies.


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Internship at JPCL

Internship Opportunities at JPCL

Each year JPCL offers a limited number of Internship opportunities for Engineering students.

The Internship will complement your classroom learning by allowing you to grasp the practical aspects of computer programming / web development, which will help you get your foot in the door to future employment opportunities.

Responsibilities of Interns

The Projects and activities for the Interns are listed below, but may vary based on the individual student’s skill sets and development needs.

  • Participate in Professional Coding
  • Write Technical Documentation
  • Write Functional Documentation
  • Work on a group project building an app
  • Deliver a presentation summarizing the internship experience

Learning Opportunities

Interns will also get study classes for better understanding programming languages. If you want to learn new programming language , it may be arranged depending on student’s skill sets and the time slots available here.

  • Class for getting Strong programming skills
  • Learn and understand the current development stack
  • Understand how technology solutions can enhance the business


All applications for the Internship positions must be applied with a request letter from your Institution head, if you are coming from college/school. All Applications are considered on a rolling basis. We encourage all applicants to apply as early as possible.


From One Week to Three Months depending on the alloweded period from the Institution of the applicant.

Internship Certificate

On successfull completion, an Internship Certificate will be awarded to Interns, which will help you get your foot in the door to future employment opportunities.
Available Workshops

HTML Workshop
CSS Workshop
JavaScript Workshop
Bootstrap Workshop
Ajax Workshop

NODE JS Workshop
JSON Workshop
PHP Workshop
SQL Workshop
OOP Workshop

ANDROID Workshop
JAVA Workshop
Photoshop Workshop
C# Workshop
jQuery Workshop

If you have any doubt regarding the internship programme at JPCyber Labs (JPCL). Please contact us

If you are interested to join the INTERNSHIP Programme at JP CYBER LABS (JPCL), Kannur, Kerala., you have to apply online here.